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* Sample menu*



Bowl of Nachos / Nachos to Share
£3.75 / £ 5.50
Salt & Chilli Chicken Strips, served on a bed of leaves ‘w’ crème fraiche
Goats Cheese Tartlet ‘w' red onion marmalade & dressed leaves
Pork Ribs cooked in a 'Red Dog' BBQ marinade
Duck Spring Rolls, served with sweet ‘n’ sour plum dip


 Salt & chilli Brie wedges on a bed of leaves 'w' a cranberry puree 


slow roasted Pork Belly bites 'w' a chilli, honey, soya & sesame seed dressing


Mixed Platter
(Salt & Chilli Chicken Strips, Pork Ribs, Nachos,
Duck Spring Rolls & Onion Rings)      
Garlic Bread
Cheesy Garlic Bread
Kids Menu Under 12’s
Homemade 6oz Burger -£5.75
Homemade Chicken Goujons £5.75
Fish Coddies / Chicken Nuggets / Sausages £5.25
Chips, Mash / Beans, Peas, Sweet corn
Choice of One Potato & Vegetable
Chargrilled Chicken Wrap ‘w’ choice of sauce, BBQ, Caesar or Chilli
Wrap served with Salad garnish & Coleslaw
Open Sandwiches
Ham - £7.25     Chicken - £7.95    Prawn - £8.95     Mixed - £9.95
Tuna, Onion & Mayo - £7.25
Chicken Caesar Salad
Cos Lettuce, Tomato, Croutons & Chargrilled Chicken tossed in a
Rich Caesar Dressing topped ‘w’ Parmesan - £9.75
Homemade ½ lb Steak Burger - £6.25
Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich ‘w' lettuce, tomato & mayo - £6.25
Chicken Fillet Zinger Burger - £6.25
Vegetarian Burger with lettuce, tomato & mayo - £5.75
With cheese - 50p, bacon - 75p
Groucho’s Chicken Goujons or Salt & Chilli Chicken
 Chicken Strips served with choice of dip
(Chilli, Garlic Mayo, Chilli Mayo or Sweet ‘n’ Sour Plum)
Served ‘w’ choice of side order - £9.75
Groucho’s Madras Curry
Served with Basmati Rice
Vegetable - £9.25, Chicken - £9.95, Prawn - £11.95, Chicken & Prawn - £12.95
* ½ chip ½ rice - £1 extra
Groucho’s Pan Fried Hake
Hake 'w' crayfish tails, prawns & sweet peas cooked in garlic & chilli butter finished 'w' fresh pea shoots & choice of side order
*Any main dishes shared will incur a charge/supplement of £3.50*
Co Armagh Rib Eye Steak 12oz - £16.95
Co Armagh Fillet Steak 6oz - £16.95
Co Armagh Sirloin Steak 10oz - £16.25
*Add Surf to your Turf for an extra £3.50*
Topped ‘w’ stick potatoes, served ‘w’peas, choice of sauce & side order
House Pepper Sauce, Old Style Bourbon Gravy or
Leggygowan Blue Cheese
*All our steaks are 21 day aged on the bone*
10oz Local Gammon
Served ‘w’ Pineapple Rings & choice of side order - £11.95
Silverhill Duck Breast
Silverhill Duck Breast served on a bed of braised red cabbage w' balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes &
served  ‘w’ choice of side order  - £14.95
Groucho's Chicken Maryland

Breaded chicken breast, tempura battered banana & pineappple, smaoked bacon, Chef's own gravy & chips - £13.95

Goats Cheese Chicken
Pan fried Chicken topped ‘w’ Red Onion Marmalade & Goats Cheese,
Finished in the oven ‘w’ a Cherry Tomato & Balsamic Reduction,
served ‘w’ chips - £10.95
Smokey Joe
Pan fried Chicken Fillet in Creamy Smoked Bacon & Mushroom
Sauce, served ‘w’ choice of side order - £ 10.95
Breaded Whole-Tail Scampi

Served ‘w’ Peas, Tartar Sauce & choice of side order - £11.95

Co.Armagh Pork Medallions 
Pan fried Pork served on Leggygowan blue cheese creamy sauce & wilted spinach topped 'w' parsnip chips & choice of side order - £13.95

Chicken Tagliatelle
Chicken & chorizo in a red pesto cream sauce 'w' frsh greens, garlic bread & toppped 'w' parmesan cheese - £11.95
Vegetarian option-£9.95

 Homemade Chips                                                                  £3.00
 Smokey Bacon Chips                                                            £3.25
Garlic Potatoes                                                                      £3.25
Baby Boils (Buttered or Dressed)                                       £3.25
Honey & Chilli or Green Pesto Dressing
Champ/Mash                                                                          £3.25
Diced Potatoes with Chilli & Crème Fraiche                 £3.50
Basmati Rice                                                                         £2.25
Seasonal Vegetables                                                           £2.95
Mushrooms                                                                           £2.75
French Fried Onions                                                          £2.75
Mixed Salad ‘w’ Coleslaw                                                 £3.25
Green Salad dressed ‘w’Balsamic & Orange Glaze     £2.95
Garlic Bread                                                                        £3.25
Cheesy Garlic Bread                                                         £3.95
Bread & Butter (two slices)                                              £1.25
Baked Baguette                                                                  £1.75
Baked Beans / Sweet corn                                               £1.50
Peas                                                                                    £1.50
Garlic butter                                                                     £1.00
Mayo /Chilli/Blue Cheese/ Garlic or Chilli mayo     £0.75
Gravy                                                                         Boat  £2.50       Cup      £1.00
House Pepper Sauce                                              Boat £2.75       Cup      £1.00
Old Style Bourbon Gravy                                     Boat £2.75       Cup      £1.00
 Wild Mushroom & Garlic cream sauce            Boat £2.75     Cup £1.00          
 Homemade Dessert  (Please ask server)                                 
Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake                                                                                                                   £4.50
Warm Chocolate Brownie with a Warm Caramel Sauce                                                                    £4.50
Warm /belgian Waffles w' Chefs own honeycomb, vanilla ice cream & butterscotch sauce      £4.50
Homemade Fresh Fruit Pavlova                                                                                                             £4.95
Raspberry & strawberry Sorbet     (1 scoop)                                                                                                                           £2.50
Served with fresh cream
Served with Vanilla Ice cream 75p extra  
Now serving
Vanilla Bean
Yellowman Honeycomb
Selection of Ice Cream
or £1.75 per scoop
Topped with sauce of your choice
Chocolate, Caramel, Raspberry
Some of our items contain nuts, seeds and other allergens. There is a small risk that tiny trace of these may be in any dish.